I was born and raised in Kelowna, BC and took all my initial music training there. It was also there that I began student teaching at a young age while completing my music studies with various teachers including Dale Wentworth and Roslyn Frantz. I received the ARCT piano teacher’s diploma from the Royal Conservatory of music in 1989.


After this I moved to Calgary and had my own music teaching business for 19 years and became a member of the Alberta Piano Teacher’s Association and the Alberta Registered Music Teacher’s Association. I have continued to upgrade my knowledge with various workshops and music teacher’s conferences. During my time in Calgary I also took a further interest in vocal studies and studied under Betty Hicks. I made use of this vocal training when I started another business and became a licensed Kindermusik educator; an early childhood music and movement program which gives preschool age children a head start on musicianship.


I am now happy to be a British Columbian again as I am serving the Burnaby area with mobile music lessons, and now a member of the British Columbian Registered Music Teacher’s Association!